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Image by Matt Paul Catalano

Ruth Spiegel

Creative Arts Pastor

I would love to hear from you! Send me an email or message anytime and I'll respond as soon as I'm able.

My Story

I was born and raised in Brandon, Fl. I have an incredible husband, Brandon, who does all he can to elevate and support me. I have two amazing boys, Graham and Griffin, who make me laugh and bring so much joy into our home. 


Growing up I had a deep love for Jesus and His church. I love being in the presence of the Lord and worshipping. I knew at a young age I had a calling on my life to lead others into the presence of God. I began pursuing that calling at Mars Hill University. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a focus in Vocal Performance and Church Music.  I went on to earn my teaching certificate and taught Second Grade and Kindergarten in the Public School system.  I also directed a school for students with learning difficulties. During my teaching years, I didn’t do much with music. God was weaving an incredible story that led me to Overflow Church! He used my years of teaching, my heart for worship to begin building our Creative Arts programs. None of those years were wasted. I went back to school in 2020, with Bethel Music College and earned a certificate in Worship Ministry! I love learning and growing. I love seeing how God has used every bit of my story to build something for His church.


My Hope for Overflow Church

My hope for Overflow is that we would be a church that continuously pursues His presence. That we would seek Him first in all things, because He promises to meet us there! And when we meet with Jesus everything changes.

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