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 Overflow Church held its first services in January 2019, and stands today in eager expectancy as God moves our beautiful family from glory to glory.


Overflow Church has a rich legacy of faithful love and obedience, marked by over 30 years of ministry and
hope in our community and the world! Here’s our story in a nutshell…

In December of 1981, a small house on ten acres of land was purchased for $100,000 to be the site of a new
church. The following year, a mission church was launched as first services were held at nearby Kingswood
Elementary School with forty people in attendance. Within a few years, our present facilities were completed.

Our church was officially constituted as a non-profit congregational Southern Baptist Church on October 4,
1988 under the name “South Brandon Baptist Church.”

In June of 1997, Pastor Len Harper came as the third Pastor of South Brandon Baptist Church — soon
to be known as “South Brandon Worship Center.” Chris Thomas joined the team in January of 1999 and
Chuck Ammons in 2002.

Cindy Ackerman began as Prayer Pastor in 2008. 

In 2016, Pastor Chuck Ammons wrote a book called, “Life in the Overflow,” which quickly became
the anthem of what life with Jesus looked like for our congregation. The concept of “Overflow” became so
deeply knit into every fiber of our ministries, the decision was made to birth and become "Overflow Church" in January 2019!

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