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Overflow Kids

We are Overflowing with love for our kids! Read more about our Sunday morning kid's services and our other programs available for the kids of Overflow (and the community!). 

Kids in Church


Overflow Kids is our Sunday morning gathering where children learn about having a relationship with Jesus! Children aged preschool and under meet upstairs --referred to as Upstream-- where they learn the basics of who God is through Biblical stories, memory verses, and worship.


Elementary aged kids meet "Downstream", right behind the check-in desk. Our Overflow Kids have a worship service with a live band, interactive Bible lessons with applications, games, and small groups. We are devoted to making sure your child feels welcome and safe. More than anything, we want your child to learn who the Father is, understand their idenity in Christ and start walking in faith with the assurance of His love! 


To teach kids to overflow with God's love and kindness to everyone, everywhere as they grow in their faith.

Kids in Preschool
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