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Find Where You Fit


Equipping one another to BE the Church — joyously free and confidently carrying His love as “lifestyle missionaries” to everyone, everywhere is at the center of all we do! At Overflow, we call this intentional family, “Missional Community.”


Every volunteer brings unique gifts and talents to transform Overflow into a haven we can all cherish and proudly call our home. Whether you thrive in social interactions or prefer working behind the scenes, whether you possess deep biblical knowledge or are a newcomer to the church, we have a place specifically for you.


Find your place of leadership, access valuable resources, and see what needs the body has by joining the Leadership Hub.


Ready to join? Just curious what that looks like? Check out our easy to follow guide on how to seal the deal and become an official member of Overflow Church.


Send Her is a quarterly gathering intended to equip you to take the message of the Life-Giving Gospel of Christ from your head, to your heart, to your feet, as only you uniquely can.  


Overflow Kids is our Sunday gathering place where children learn about having a relationship with Jesus! From elementary down, we have an incredible program.


Rise Men’s Events are quarterly gatherings to unite the men of Overflow Church AND to create a safe space for those they are building relationship with!


We believe that as the parent of your children, you are the loudest voice and have greatest influence with your own kids. We want to partner WITH you as you walk WITH your kids.


Overflow Fine Arts exists to bring revelation through the Arts to children, youth, and adults while equipping and empowering them to bring revelation to those around them using their gifts.

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