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Image by Matt Paul Catalano

Len Harper

Senior Pastor

I would love to hear from you! Send me an email or message anytime and I'll respond as soon as I'm able.

My Story

I was born and raised in College Park, Maryland, in a family that did not attend church. In 11th grade, I was first presented with the Gospel from a friend at school. He asked me: "Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?"  It was at this time that I began my "faith journey" seeking "what is truth" and "how do I know if Jesus truly is the Way to heaven?" After wrestling with God for a year, I heard a voice say: "All of your questions will not be answered. Will you put your faith in Jesus and follow Him with all of your life?" I walked forward to the Pastor and gave my life to God and a wonderful journey began in 1979!

While attending college, seeking a degree in Economics, I was asked to become the leader of the Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship. It was the only Christian organization on a very secular campus. It was in my searching of the Scriptures and while leading college students that my faith soared! After graduating from college, I married the love of my life, Robin Kelly Steed, and served as a Deacon and Youth Director.  It was at this time that a change occurred in my heart. I moved from wanting to make money in my own business to wanting to win souls for the Kingdom of God! I quit my job, left everything behind and moved to Ft. Worth, Texas, in order to attend seminary.

In 1987, while attending seminary, I became the Youth Pastor of First Baptist Church of Highland Village, now known as The Village Church, and helped them launch their small group ministry. Three years later, I graduated and moved to South Carolina to serve as the Small Group (Discipleship) and Youth Pastor at Brushy Creek Baptist Church. In 1997, my wife and three sons (now four sons) followed me to Florida, so that I could serve as the Lead Pastor of Overflow Church! What a joy it has been!

My Hope for Overflow Church

My hope for Overflow Church is that we would "Live to receive God's Love and Release God's Love to Everyone, Everywhere!" That our greatest priority and privilege would be to walk in close Intimacy with our Heavenly Father; trust God with Expectancy in our hearts; live in Community with other believers; and partner with God as He Restores people through the ministry of healing and deliverance. My hope for you is that you would join us at Overflow Church in this wonderful adventure!

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